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Fnac Vanden Borre reduces the number of transports & containers through smarter internal organization

Since July 2016, Fnac and Vanden Borre have been part of the same group. Under the name Fnac Vanden Borre, both retail chains work together behind the scenes, with the same mission: smart and sustainable choices, that's what we aim for. Taking into account the importance of sustainability and quality, Fnac Vanden Borre wants to make a difference: inform and guide their customers to make well-considered choices. Thanks to their new Act of Trust, they choose life at Vanden Borre. For quality products, long-term relationships and a human approach.


Fnac Vanden Borre has two distribution centers and five delivery platforms in Belgium from which respectively the 73 Vanden Borre and 13 Fnac stores and the customers of Vanden Borre who have bought a new TV or large electo are supplied. Various recyclable materials are released at these locations, such as cardboard, plastics, EPS (isomo), wood...

A smart and sustainable choice, that's what we aim for!

With a view to their mission of 'smart and sustainable choices, that's what we go for', Fnac Vanden Borre also wanted to make more well-considered choices in the field of their waste management, with a positive impact both financially and ecologically, in order to do their part. contribute to a more sustainable world.

Waste management has been on the agenda for years, but due to a lack of internal data and too little practical project guidance from the 'waste collector', little progress was made. 


Fnac Vanden Borre decided to enter the market to look for a specialist partner who can assist them in achieving its objectives, both in the short and long term. In addition, Fnac Vanden Borre turned its attention to Recycling Partners Belgium (RPB) in 2020. RPB relieves organizations of their total waste and materials management. As an independent partner, RPB is committed to sustainability, optimal waste valorisation and total unburdening. A smart collaboration, which we both went all out for!


The collaboration with RPB fits perfectly in the Everyday strategic plan of our group (Fnac Darty), which focuses on sustainable consumption. In addition, our group's goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions of our activities by 2030% by 50 compared to 2019, in order to prevent further climate change. To achieve this, we need to continuously question and optimize the way we do things. Thanks to the partnership with RPB, we have already succeeded in reducing the number of transports by 18%, saving us not only 4.578 kg of CO2 on an annual basis, but also considerable costs. Our further focus is on even better source sorting and collection of our waste streams and with RPB on our side we are confident that we will succeed in this.

Ann van Vooren
Procurement Manager, Fnac Vanden Borre

The road to sustainable waste management and maximum valorisation

RPB performed a Quickscan at the various locations of Fnac Vanden Borre. After the analysis of this scan, various optimizations were identified by RPB to make Fnac Vanden Borre's waste management more sustainable, to better valorize materials and to optimize the internal organization.

At the start of the collaboration, RPB mapped out the entire waste management of Fnac Vanden Borre. From an inventory of the materials and the decentralized and central collection means to their removal and processing. Source sorting in the stores also proved to be important during the process, as their waste is returned to the distribution centers.


Subsequently, a joint waste policy was agreed and corrective measures were implemented to improve source sorting. There was also another major adjustment, namely the reorganization of the central collection resources at distribution center level.


Fnac Vanden Borre and RPB act as colleagues and pursue the same goals, including residual waste reduction, higher recycling scores & fewer transports. Based on the available data and the operational situations per location, RPB always tries to launch new, but realistic initiatives in the interest of the customer that make waste management more sustainable and optimized. Change is not always easy, but it helps if both parties put their shoulders to the wheel and are 100% convinced of the added value to be realised.

Stijn Smetsers
Partner RPB

Eliminate unnecessary costs and save on transport

By compacting materials more intelligently and by removing unnecessary containers, we have jointly succeeded in cutting unnecessary costs and saving many kilometers and the associated CO2 output.


For example, the average weight of removed cardboard containers has increased by almost 15%, which means that less transport has to be planned and carried out. In addition, 12% fewer containers are needed in the distribution centers. This optimization brings the following three advantages:

♻️ Less rental costs
♻️ More room for core activities of Fnac Vanden Borre
♻️ More optimal filling of remaining containers and press installations


But it doesn't stop there. RPB continues to propose projects in order to improve step by step. For example, we are investigating options to compact EPS (isomo) on location and in this way to again save on various transport, as well as the associated CO2. By making smart choices together, Fnac Vanden Borre is making itself more sustainable step by step.

Curious about what RPB can do for your organization?

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